Why did flappy bird get deleted off app store

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  5. 'Flappy Bird' Creator Follows Through, Game Removed From App Stores

When Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen removed his ultra popular app from the App Store back in February, he gave little explanation for the surprising decision, aside from a short message stating he could no longer take the attention. In a new interview with Rolling Stone , Nguyen explains why he pulled the app, pointing to extensive press coverage and unwanted attention in his home town of Hanoi.

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While Nguyen enjoyed his early success, he was swarmed by the media after news of his monetary success was revealed. As news hit of how much money Nguyen was making, his face appeared in the Vietnamese papers and on TV, which was how his mom and dad first learned their son had made the game.

While this might seem a small price to pay for such fame and fortune, for Nguyen the attention felt suffocating.

Even more troubling were the messages he began receiving from parents and Flappy Bird players who had become addicted to the game. One woman told him he was "distracting the children of the world," and Nguyen worried the game was too addictive.

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When asked by the interviewer why he ultimately pulled the app, he said "I'm master of my own fate. Independent thinker. At the end of February, one-third of new games released over a hour period ended up being games that were heavily inspired by Flappy Bird and Nguyen's success. Rolling Stone 's full interview with Nguyen , which is well worth reading, also includes tidbits on the development of Flappy Bird , details on Nguyen's childhood, his game creating experience, and info on his future plans.

Top Rated Comments View all. People love conspiracy theories and calling this a PR move But is he making more or less money by pulling Flappy Bird? The answer is clearly less. Small White Car.

It's called "Good Parenting" folks. If you don't want your kids to be addicted to something of the nature of a video game, you can simply just take it away.

Here’s the real reason Flappy Bird was removed – BGR

Well, he definitely got the attention by removing it. Before it was removed, I had never heard of this game. Oh no Someone better call F this guy and F everyone who was possibly blaming him for ruining their lives. Parents always have and always will be responsible for monitoring their children's activities and the time they spend doing them.

I agree, he seemed to be motivated by conscience more that money. Nguyen will still be reaping revenue from already downloaded copies, after all. Some have praised Nguyen for his zen-like attitude toward abandoning a golden goose for the sake of his sanity, but he has likely already raked in millions from the game, and continues to make money from both it and his other popular games which he has not taken down.

In other words, it's not like he gave up his fortune or even his income stream by removing the singular game. There is still no word from Nguyen directly regarding his promise and follow-through of taking down Flappy Bird. Perhaps if his other games retain a moderate, but not insane level of popularity, that will satisfy him, and we won't see any more dramatic displays like this one.

Flappy Bird Creator Reveals Why He Pulled the App, 'Considering' Returning Flappy Bird to App Store

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'Flappy Bird' Creator Follows Through, Game Removed From App Stores

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Why Flappy Bird Got Deleted