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  1. Visual Land Prestige 7L Review | Tablet Review
  2. Visual Land PRESTIGE 7 - tablet - Android 4.0 - 8 GB - 7" Series
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This skin is available for download on the Google Play store for any Android device. It automatically groups your apps and widgets by type, and creates a separate home screen for those seven categories: Each home screen has its own related icon. For instance, little Game of Life-like people represent the Social page.

When you swipe to any home screen, that specific icon is replaced with the All Apps icon of squares. Overall, we found the organization helpful and intuitive. Beyond this, you'll still find the Back, Home and All Apps buttons along the bottom left of the screen.


The status bar sits on the bottom right. From here you can see a clock, Wi-Fi status, battery levels and app update notifications. You can also access the settings. It does, however, come with GetJar and 1Mobile Market installed. Plus, you can download Amazon's App Store as well.

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Visual Land Prestige 7L Review | Tablet Review

Combined, though, that's fewer apps than Play's library of , Recipes is a nice touch for foodies. We found it odd that Super-HD Video Player comes preloaded, considering the x pixel resolution of the tablet's screen. A generic music player, calculator, calendar, camera, sound recorder and file manager round out the pre-loaded apps. Several widgets also come preinstalled on various home screens, including an Evernote task bar, a settings toolbar and a music player widget. The 1Mobile Games Market can also help players find new games.

The standard Android browser comes pre-installed on the Prestige 7L, but we'd recommend downloading Chrome browser for its syncing ability across devices. The basic browser is fairly bare bones and a bit sluggish. We didn't expect much in the way of quality, but the 1. Sadly, the selfies we shot -- which had to be taken at an odd angle since the camera is so far to one side -- looked grainy, and colors appeared muted. Plus, the camera app itself froze as soon as we took one shot. To get it working again, we had to restart the entire tablet. I've tried a couple turned off the mobile network signal for better battery life, unlocked Google Play, etc.

As the first I've seen with Android 4. The Kindle Fire isn't exactly the same as the Prestige 7 either The CPU comparisson changes the game. But they're similar in size and in the same price range so I guess it's pretty natural to size up the 2 against each other. So let's look at how they stand side-by-side. Size Kindle Fire: Prestige 7: Screen Kindle Fire: WiFi The problem I have with the KF is it's pretty out of the box, but once you start using it, it's not as flexible as a more "vanilla" Android tablet.

The KF has it's own special set up that I personally don't care for. And it's a bit of work that I'd rather not go through to skin it down to the natural Android OS. The KF has an awesome screen. I'm not gonna lie, there's a huge difference when the 2 sit side by side. And this makes a big difference when reading e-books over long periods of time. The technology used on the KF's screen is different and I'm sure that's where the added cost partially comes from.

However, when playing videos, the P7 wins out. And even then I don't have the p HD quality of the original. Touch-wise, they're about equal. The responsiveness and fluidity are very similar. The other thing the KF has going for it is a dual core processor. Websites load quicker and switch between apps is smoother. I can be patient enough for seconds longer waiting for a website to load. Beyond those 2 things, the P7 has the KF beat as far as I'm concerned. Additionally the USB port on the P7 allows for flash drives. So it's very easy to get content on my P7.

For my KF I need to either stream or download from my cloud drive if I need anything outside of the internal 8GB worth of goodies I store there. Speaking of content, one of the top reasons I want to own a tablet is to take videos with me. As I mentioned earlier, the KF doesn't take most raw video formats as is.

Conversion is typically necessary and it can be a painful process of trial and error depending on the original file. On the other hand, I've yet to need to convert anything on my P The second big reason I wanted a tablet is for an e-reader. The KF was, of course, built specifically for that reason, but as the P7 can use the Kindle app, as well as Comixology, Mangazoo, and other readers, there's not a big plus as far as the KF is concerned. As I said before, the screen was made for long hours of reading and is great for reading indoors or out.

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That's where it has the upperhand against the P7. Neither tablet has Google Play, which boggles me when I see reviewers complain about the P7 not having it and therefore are returning it then ending by saying they'll get a KF instead. I could get into more detail and comparissons between the two but overall I love both tablets. However the Prestige 7 just has that edge, making me glad I bought it.

Black Verified Purchase. I got this tablet a little more than a year ago, and it's handled very well. It is strong enough to play some games, browse the internet smoothly, or watch videos. On top of that, the screen has recently been showing some scanlines, so I don't know how long this thing is going to last.

Overall I give it four stars because it does the job and does it well, but not perfect.

Purple Verified Purchase. This has been fabulous for our 8 YO daughter - she can read kindle books, play games, take bajillions of silly pictures with her friends, and listen to music. It's been dropped more than times than I even want to think about, but continues to perform beautifully. No, it's not the fastest thing out there, but it does come in fabulous colors, which was a bonus when we were looking for something to suit her.

Would definitely recommend to other parents. One person found this helpful. Love it buy it has a few problems with easy fixes.

Visual Land PRESTIGE 7 - tablet - Android 4.0 - 8 GB - 7" Series

Sometimes the browser freezes. I have a 1 mb connection. It shouldn't freeze. No Android market therefore no Google play. That was a short-sighted marketing move. I was able to go to Google play and download from there. Otherwise it is a good device and works well. Purchased the Prestige 7 for my wife and she is quite pleased with it. Connected without any problems to my home wireless network. While it does not have Google play there are several alternatives including Amazon apps and Getjar that will provide a goof range of apps.

Pretty purple case, lightweight and of course the price is right. Have not had any problems with it. Blue Verified Purchase. Had things from a previous user on it? The touchscreen was extremely touchy. I will say that I have the same tablet this was purchased for my mother and I love it, which is why I bought this one to begin with. Communications Wireless Protocol. Networking Wireless Connectivity. IEEE Multimedia Audio. Microphone, speaker. Battery Standby Time. Run Time Up To. Header Brand.

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